Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my portrait experience earlier or on a chosen date?

Yes you can you simply pay in advance the months you haven’t paid for yet. Eg if you have paid for 7 months you would just pay the next 5 months before the portrait experience.

When can I have my portrait experience?

We will give you a call 9 months after you have signed up to start planning your portrait experience. If you would like a specific date you are more than welcome to contact us to organise.

What type of portrait experience can I have?

You get to choose, it can be family, kids, couple, all about me, pets, extended family, corporate or portfolios or a combination of the above. It does exclude events such as weddings and birthdays.

What is the process?

Upon joining you will receive your membership card, welcome pack and store discount vouchers. Every month you will receive our newsletter via email and 9 months after signing up we will start planning your portrait experience. Once we have completed the shoot we will email you the details and private web portal details so you can order your beautiful images. These will then be ready for you to pickup 3 weeks later.

Can I view the photos in the studio?

We do give you the option to view the photos online via our secure web portal but if you would like to view the images in the studio we can organise a time for you.

Can I cancel my membership?

You would be crazy to!!! But yes, if for any reason you want to cancel your membership you can at any time without any cancellation fees. Simply call or email the studio and we can sort it out for you but keep in mind there are no refunds on money already paid.

Can I order extra prints and products?

If you or any family members want to order extra prints from your experience you are more than welcome to and you will receive between 20-40% off normal prices.

Can I get different sizes & finishes?

Your membership comes with your favourite 5 images mounted if you want to change these for a different size or take your credit accrued and put it towards a different product or finish just let us know and we can help you with this.

How can I refer family & friends?

We love nothing more than receiving referrals from our clients so you can go to the refer a friend section of this website and fill in the details. We will then get in contact with them and send out all the information for them. If they sign up then you will receive you bonus print.