Membership Terms and Conditions

You can cancel your membership at anytime but there is no refund on monies paid
If you want to bring your shoot forward before 12mths of your subscription has passed you can do so by paying the extra months in advance. Eg if you have been a member for 7 months and want to book your portrait experience you simply pay the next 5 months in advance.
Portrait experiences such as kids, families, couples, maternity, babies, singles, pets, modelling/acting folios & extended family groups are all accepted but not events such as weddings.
Portrait experiences will take place Monday – Friday and selected Saturdays throughout the year
Your images will be uploaded to our secure web platform where you will be able to order your images. This will be available for 7 days to place your order
All images ordered will be specially archived for your peace of mind however we can’t be held responsible for hardware faults, fire or theft.
We require at least one week’s notice of cancellations or rescheduling or portrait experiences
A one off fee of $10 will be debited on your first month and $1.95 for bank account payments and $3.30 for credit card payments each month. These fees are collected by Debit Success and are non-negotiable.