Our Story


We are always asking our clients to tell us their story, what makes them tick, so what is our story you might ask!

Well Johl (JD) started the company from the living room of a share house (where all good businesses start) back in 2002 then known as JD Digital Photography. From there it has evolved into a one of Melbourne’s Premier boutique portrait studios.

From those humble beginnings to now we have evolved as a business and right now Johl with the help of his beautiful wife Heidi and amazing staff Jacinta & Angela are a studio where you can come not just for photos but the full experience. We are fun, upbeat and passionate team that want to help bring a little joy to your life through photographing your most prized possessions – your family.

Before we even click the shutter we find out what makes you tick, what is so special about you and your family and what the moments are or expressions that you want captured to treasure forever. In short we care enough about you to want to find out as much as we can so we can give you the best experience and images possible.

Our aim is for you to leave with amazing personalised artwork to display in your home that lights you up and makes you smile every time you look at it.