We not only try to capture the day and all it’s raw emotion and fun, but we do it in a way that is artistic and interesting. We want you to walk away with countless images that are not only wedding photos but personalised works of art that you will be proud to hang on your wall.


Weddings are FUN! They are a celebration, the best day of your life surrounded by all your friends and family. We capture that fun without manufacturing it, we simply sit back and document those moments so when you look at the photo you will remember not only the time, but the feeling you had at that time.


Weddings are full of emotion, tears, laughter, nerves and excitement. All these and more emotions are unleashed on the wedding day but some in the blink of an eye. We anticipate these moments and capture them with our unobtrusive approach. We pay particular attention to your connection with each other and your family and capture those beautiful moments.


The experience starts when you first call the studio, check out our website or come in for a consultation. We want to get to know you and you to get to know us. Photography is personal and it doesn’t get much more personal than wedding photography. We get to spend the most important day in people’s lives with them, from getting ready all the way through to the reception. The only other people who do this are the bridal party! – and I don’t take that for granted.

Once you have made the wise decision to book us for your wedding you are in a select group of only 10 couples that I photograph each year. I limit my weddings so when you call or email with a questions about your wedding I know exactly who you are and what your wedding is all about. It is this personal customer service that really helps your day and preparation run smoothly and because of this relationship you feel comfortable being photographed by me on the day because you know I care and understand your needs.


An investment in your wedding photography starts at $3890 for our starter album package and goes up from there depending on what size album, enlargements and coverage you are after. All the packages come with unlimited time from getting ready until the start of the reception, album, proof book, web gallery, retouching and we throw in the fun friendly customer service for free.

Each package comes with the kind of one on one service you should demand from your wedding photographer. It is not just about taking pretty photos it is about getting to know you and helping you through the whole process.

Every wedding and couple is unique and has their own style and we look forward to capturing that for your special day.

I have the best job, our couples are fun, energetic, cheeky, and relaxed and put their faith in me to capture the day through my eyes and in a style that they always imagined.

If you are after posed, set up and formal photos then I’m possibly not the photographer for you. My style is artistic, a bit quirky, fun and relaxed with a dash of humour. Every wedding and couple are different so I really try to capture that uniqueness and tell your story your way. I only take on 10 weddings a year which allows me to get to know each couple on a more personal level and get to know exactly what they want.

Clients often tell me that guests at their wedding thought that I was a friend of theirs and not a hired photographer, just by observing the way I interact with them, the family and the bridal party. When this happens I know that I have done my job well, and I am still lucky to have many past clients as friends.

Wedding photography is an intensely personal experience and choice, our clients realise this and pick me as they believe I understand what they want and how they want their day captured. You have to have a certain type of personality to be a wedding photographer, you have to be compassionate, discreet, witty, and sensitive, outgoing and take charge all within the space of a few hours and because you are primarily capturing people and their emotions on a very personal day to them and you have to do all this with impeccable timing. Its a job I love and feel privileged to be able to do on a weekly basis.

Johl was awarded the Creative Asia Wedding Photographer of the year 2012

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